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TL;DR: This is a newsletter for the average person that uses technology.  This is not intended for businesses (though these principles apply there too), and not for people who have zero technology (e.g. if you live on an island or mountain with a pot of gold and no internet). 

Why I care: Because there are many scams, vulnerabilities, and corporations out there that take advantage of good people for their own self interest and profit.   

Why you should care: Information is power, both what you know, and what others know about you.  The more you learn the better you can decide what you are comfortable sharing.  This is different for everyone, so this is not advice, this is information to educate you to make your own informed decisions.

Why I started this: Initially I started sharing this information only with family, to make sure that they weren’t getting taken advantage of.  But then I realized that this could also help those in my community.

What seeded the idea and why you should really care: This is a story about a hacker named Gummo.  He is a hacker in the positive sense of the word (“uses their technical knowledge to achieve a goal or overcome an obstacle, within a computerized system by non-standard means” Wikipedia), but he also went to the dark side and came back.  The story is one that gives great insight and perhaps motivates you to help others in the ways that you are most able.  I would strongly recommend everyone watch this when you have the time.  The hacks discussed in Gummo’s story may be old information for some, but most may be surprised by their daily online exposure, as it isn’t discussed in common news.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert, but I have been in this space working in software development, thinking critically, collaborating with various open source projects, and supporting projects with my time that are in line with these security/privacy/openness objectives for 20+ years.


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